With Mild Tap apps you can send short messages with minimal or no typing.

All apps can send a Mild Tap Message (MTM) to email addresses, either through the cellular network (3G/4G) or thorough the Wi-Fi network.

You can also attach files to the outgoing MTM. In the Google Play Store there are 8 such MT apps, tailored to various needs. There is also a MTM-Reader app, which can read messages from all the apps.

The Basic-5 versions of all apps as well as the MTM-Reader are free at the Google Play Store.

Here is an example where you can send a routine message with no typing:

Message Composition Screen For Quick Trot App

Additional Texting Screen

Attachment Screen (if needed)

Contacts Screen

Preview Screen

Preview Screen (Example with no attachments
or additional text)

Send Confirmation Screen

The MTM message read with the MTM-Reader

The Quick Trot Apps are available in the Google Play Store


The differences in features between the Basic-5 and E-type apps are explained here.

Other apps available at the Google Play Store:

Functions of various apps are explained here.