Privacy Policy

Privacy concern is emerging as a big issue for mobile device users. We will spare you the long and mind-numbing legalese, in stating our views on this topic.

At Mild Tap LLC, we care so much about your privacy, that we neglect you. Yes, 100%.

Mild Tap apps have no ability to transmit your personal information, other than the location (explanation for that is below) from which the mobile device was used. Since the Mild Tap Message is going as an email attachment, the receiver of the email will know your name and email address.

You will notice that we did not ask you to sign up on this website, before using the Mild Tap apps. Therefore, Mild Tap LLC does not know your name, age & gender, your email address, what you do for a living, your annual income, your mother's maiden name and definitely not the name of your favorite teacher from kindergarten. Needless to say, the contents and operations of the Mild Tap apps are completely oblivious to Mild Tap LLC.

Most of the Mild Tap apps use GPS and/or Wi-Fi/3G/4G/LTE connectivity information to provide you with automatic location services. If you don't want to use this option, use the "Settings" option on your device to turn off the location service. Some devices will allow you to selectively turn off the location services, for the various programs in the device. Once the location service is turned off, Mild Tap apps will return with the message, "Location not available."

You see, that is 100% neglect!