Dropbox as source for storage or retrieval of files

To save or retrieve files from Dropbox, you have to first set up an account with Dropbox. The procedure for that is here. It is recommended that you install the Dropbox application on your mobile device. Once that is done, the Mild Tap app will prompt you for permission to access your Dropbox account.

When the permission is granted to access the Dropbox account, the Mild Tap app will create a sub-folder under the "Apps" folder in your Dropbox account. This sub-folder bears the name of the app and will be the destination to which you will able to save the MTM files. Files for retrieval, as attachment to the MTM, must also be stored in this sub-folder.

The option of saving MTM files to a Dropbox folder will work only if the Dropbox app is installed in the mobile device. File retrievals, on the other hand, will work whether you have the Dropbox app on the mobile device or not.

If you have more than one Mild Tap app on your mobile device, separate sub-folders will be created for each of the apps, in your Dropbox account. This arrangement of many sub-folders might appear clumsy, but has a distinct advantage for security/privacy matter.

A particular Mild Tap app can access files stored only on the sub-folder, which is meant for that app. This Mild Tap app cannot access files stored in other folders of your Dropbox account. Thus, the chance of accidently attaching a wrong file to the outgoing MTM is greatly reduced. In pragmatic terms, this protocol reduces the probability that you will have to offer an explanation to grandma on the nuances of your last party.

The functionalities of the Mild Tap apps are not impaired if you decide not to have a Dropbox account. Without a Dropbox account, the file retrieval process is confined to your mobile device.