Configuring the Basic-5 version of the apps

When you use the app for the first time, you have to configure the app with an email. The E-Type of the apps do not require configuration with an email.

Here are step-by-step sequences for the email configuration of the Basic-5 version of a Mild Tap app. Quick Trot app was chosen as an example.

1. First screen is for data input.

2.When you press the "Next" button from the first screen, you will see the "Configuration Screen" with blanks to fill.

3. The default options for the configuration the Mild Tap Apps. are 3 webmail providers; AOL, Google (Gmail) and Microsoft (Hotmail). These companies offer unrestricted access to their mail service and we encourage you to setup an email account with one of them.

Tap/click here for a comparison of webmail services. If you have a different email provider, please obtain the SMTP address and the port number, and enter this information in the appropriate panel.

4. After entering the relevant information, tap the "Next" button. If there is an error in the data or if there no connection to the internet, you will receive a message saying that, "The configuration not successful." Once the email has been correctly configured, you will receive a notification, in your email, informing you of this.

5. Next time you start from the first screen of the app, the configuration page will not appear.

6. To change the email settings at a later time, use the "settings" icon on the contacts page.

A note for the users of Basic-5 apps

For a limited time, the Basic-5 versions of Mild Tap apps are made available, free of cost. We will announce on this site, when this offer will expire or when the Baisc-5 version of the apps are no longer available. Alternatively, we may decide to support the Basic-5 version of the Mild Tap apps with advertisement.