Using Mild Tap Apps

All of the Mild Tap apps have a standard design of 5 + 1 panels for data input. The first 5 panels are on the first screen and there is one panel on the second screen. To see example of the layout the screens,click here and here. (The examples given are for the Mild Tap Quick Trot app.)

Many of panels in the first screen have dropdown menus (or pickers) from which you can pick preset messages. In cases where these preset messages are not suitable, you can alter the message by selecting the "Other" option from the picker and then, typing in your message. In the second screen, there is a window to type longer texts. You see, we told you that we admire people who type with on finger!

In the third screen, you can attach files to your MTM. This can be a photo, a music file or a document. The source of the files can be your mobile device or the popular cloud storage service, Dropbox. Examples for the screen layout can be found here and here.

In the extended version (E-Type) of the apps, you will be able to attach 4 files to the outgoing MTM. For the procedure to retrieve files from a Dropbox account,click here.

In cases where there is no need for either the text message screen or the attachment screen, you can jump from the first screen to the contacts page, using the jump function (here). When the jump function is used, the resulting MTM will only have messages from the 5 panels that you composed, in the first screen.

In the contacts page, the e-mail addresses are entered (example here). Those using the E-Type apps can skip this step. The contact addresses will automatically be picked from the default email address of your mobile device.

After the contacts selection is made from the contacts screen, you can preview the message that you composed, before hitting the send button. Example of a preview screen can be found here. In the Basic-5 version of the apps, the MTM is send by pressing the send button from this page. After the MTM is send, you will see the final screen (example here).

Those using the E-Type apps. will see two additional screens after the preview screen. The first screen lets you pick the e-mail program that you want to use to send the MTM and in the second screen, you will be able to add emails (those not on your contact list) or modify the default e-mail message and/or the default subject heading. After the MTM is send, the program takes you back to the preview screen with a "Home" button.

When you want to refresh the entry of the MTM, you can use the reset button (here) on the first screen. The reset button removes all data and attachments, except the location and contacts data.

When you receive a MTM, you can read this message with the MTM-Reader (common to all the apps) or use the specific app., related to that MTM.When you receive a MTM, you can read this message with the MTM-Reader (common to all the apps) or use the specific app., related to that MTM.

Mild Tap apps do not work in desktop or laptop computers.

Tap/click here for an illustrated example of configuring the Baisc-5 app with an email.