Android Devices

Devices such as cell phones and tablet computers, using the Android operating system, version 2.2.1 and above, can be used to run Mild Tap Apps.

The Basic-5 versions of all apps, the MTM-Reader and the E-version of the Safety app can be downloaded, free of cost, from the Google Play Store.

Apps and their functions

Name Function/Description Get App (click on the icon)
Mild Tap Message (MTM)-Reader This app can read MTMs made with all the Mild Tap apps. Even if no Mild Tap app is installed in your mobile device, the MTM-Reader can read an incoming MTM.
Mild Tap Safety Alert This app. can be used to alert your friends and family of inclement weather or when a quick note is necessary and/or expected due to safety concerns. Send/receive messages specifying GPS coordinates and location information. Not intended for use in emergency situations. Calling 911 is more appropriate for emergency situations.
Mild Tap Fuel Price Alert Anyone who drives a car or truck will have experienced this, at least once. You fill-up your vehicle with fuel and drive away from the fuel station. In two or three blocks, you will find a fuel station with cheaper gasoline or diesel. What is the solution to this conundrum? Ask your friends to exchange info about fuel price. Mild Tap Fuel Price Alert App. can make this exchange very easy.
Mild Tap Quick Trot (QT) Text messaging is getting ever more popular. However, do you have to type-in routine questions (or answers) every time, on that small keypad? Mild Tap's QT might reduce your typing needs – not every time or on everything, but most routine things. Fear not, you still will be able to type-in things that are non-routine.
Mild Tap Traffic & Congestion Alert During morning and evening rush hours, usually there are radio broadcasts about traffic conditions for the main roads and/or highways. What about the traffic or road conditions on smaller roads and/or at non-peak hours? You can use the Mild Tap Traffic/Congestion Alert App. to inform your friends or family members about the driving conditions; especially, if you know the routes they usually take.
Mild Tap Movie Buff Alert Do you want to be a movie reviewer? Any movie buffs in your circle of friends or family? They will be grateful to you for the movie tips that you pass along. Mild Tap Movie Buff Alert is the tool for passing along the movie info., quickly and succinctly.
Mild Tap Foodie Alert Do you have the habit of going around, sampling food in restaurants or cafés? Do you have friends who are aficionados of food? Then, you can be a food critic for your buddies. Use the Mild Tap Foodie Alert App. to inform your friends/family of your latest discoveries in the foodie world.
Mild Tap Invitation Mild Tap Invitation App. is designed to send an invitation, using your mobile device, and with minimum effort. Most occasions are included in the preset format, except, the invitation for a wedding. Yes, we know.
Mild Tap Fashion Alert Are you a follower of fashion trends? When you see a movie, watch TV, or read a magazine, do you keep an eye for the latest in fashion? Ever got the desire to send a word to your buddies about fashion/celebrity news that you came across in the media? Then, you definitely need the Mild Tap Fashion Alert App., to assist you in that endeavor. Your pals will be glad that you kept them in the loop, for all things in fashion.

For a description of how Mild Tap apps work, an illustrated example is given here.