Mild Tap Apps

Mild Tap apps are designed to operate from mobile devices such as cell phones and tablet computers. All apps can send a Mild Tap Message (MTM) to email addresses, either through the cellular network (3G/4G/LTE) or thorough the Wi-Fi network. The MTMs go as an email attachment.

The Extended versions (E-Type) of the apps can send a MTM to the entire contact list of the default e-mail of your mobile device. Alternatively, the MTM can be send to just one person.

The utilitarian aspect of these apps is to minimize the amount of typing that one has to do to send short messages. Of course, we realize that some people might relish the idea of typing on a small keypad with one finger. No problem; we admire your dexterity and our apps can accommodate your skills as well.

Mild Tap apps come in 2 versions: Basic-5 and the Extended Type (E-Type). Their functionalities are same. The differences in features are tabulated below.

The list of apps is here.

Basic-5 and E-Type

Features E-Type Basic-5
Number of email contacts:
(The entire email contact list of your mobile device.)

Identification of the contacts: By names (highlighted) and email addresses. By email addresses only.
Configuration of email:
Configuration of email is not necessary. The default email in your mobile device will automatically be selected by the Mild Tap app.

Configuration of email needed.
Input of email addresses:
Input of email addresses is not necessary. The Mild Tap app will automatically arrange all your contact addresses.

Input of email addresses needed.

Editing of the default email message of the outgoing Mild Tap Message (MTM):

Yes No

Editing of the default subject line of the MTM:

Yes No

Addition of e-mail addresses, not in the contact list of your mobile device, for the outgoing MTM:

(can be added after the preview screen)
Possible number of attachments to the MTM: 4 2